Potential Service Dog, PTSD Assistance Dog, or Therapy Dog candidates

I have 3 adult females retiring from breeding. One is ready now, and 2 will be ready in May. Each one is very social, well mannered, healthy, NO DM, dysplasia free, are in their prime (5 years old), are family friendly, and are excellent house dogs. They are not being sold for breeding. The price ($1,500) as a family pet is the less than I charge for an 8 week old puppy, and all the work has been done for you already! If you have a legitimate need for a service dog, a PTSD dog, or a Therapy dog these girls can fit right in to the program. Special pricing upon verification you are Dr. approved for this type of dog and you are working with a recognized trainer. These girls can change your life!

Seeka is ready now


Sonya and Wanni can be reserved. Both are having puppies born now and will be ready in 2 months (May)

I only have retiring females every few years, so don't miss out on one of these GREAT girls! 

email me if interested at 4GermanShep@gmail.com

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